Our Summer 2022 Recap


August marks the last month of our 25th Anniversary Year and we enjoyed celebrating along the way. A particular proud moment was when we won the Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Award! It was wonderful to be able to acknowledge our great team for all they have done over the years to make us so amazing. The wealth of experience you get from all of the people in this picture is incredible. Everyone brings so much to the table. You can watch our video here...



It is very hard to believe that Ally has been with us for almost 18 months! Ally has been doing all of the women's clothing and denim buying with Joelle and is focusing on our website population, marketing, social media as well. Congratulations to Ally on her wedding this August - she will return from her honeymoon after Labour Day.

Great fun had at Ally's bridal shower and a great wedding photo.


Thanks to all of you, we are busier than ever.
This means our team is about to grow!!

We welcome Val Powell

First of all, we will be welcoming Val Powell.
Val is a very long time friend of Joelle’s - in fact, when she recommended Joelle to Elaine Scrivener to take over her summer job (many) years ago, it was truly the start of Joelle’s retail career here in Burlington.
Val’s experience is extensive.
Career highlights include buying several apparel categories for Sporting Life, purchasing for Whistler and Vancouver shops during the 2010 Winter Olympics with Skiis & Biikes, and store operations management at a big-box retailer. The common threads running through these diverse experiences has been a fascination with different retail formats, and a special interest in eco-friendly/ vintage apparel. Val has been running an online vintage clothing site for the past 10 years and recently ran a sales agency dedicated to Earth-friendly brands including Toad&Co.
Most recently Val has been doing product development and purchasing for Blue Mountain Resort. We look forward to Val’s contributions to moving into the future here at Joelle’s and Jeff’s Guyshop!

We welcome back Alex Brooker

We are so excited to announce that
Alex Brooker will be coming back for three days a week. Those of you who know Alex know what an integral part of the development of this business she had been for the 23 years leading up to Covid, at which time she made the highly respected decision to focus on her family. One thing we all learned about over the past few years is balance. We are thrilled that we could create a position that would allow for just that.
Alex started at Joelle’s as a co-op student in high school and worked her way up to being a strong, highly respected leader of our team. We look forward to having her back on the store floor and we know you are going to love working with her again.


Joelle and Jeff Cooling

 We are always sad to see the summer fade away - but at the same time, we know how much you LOVE your fall fashion - so bring it on!! We look forward to seeing you soon.

                                       - Joelle and Jeff



Upcoming September 2022 Events at Joelle's and Jeff's Guyshop

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