You'll Love Tyler Madison February 07 2017

Over the past few seasons we have received quite a following for
I ♥Tyler Madison pants. We carry their infamous vegan leather pants – long and
cropped and have now added their vegan leather cargo, a fun print and
some other items like their pencil skirt.
We felt it was time that we shared a bit about them with you.
Two Montreal based sisters, Charna Zucker and Jacqueline Harris have combined
degrees in fashion, business and psychology. They see fashion as a great way for
people to express themselves, and to help women be themselves. After all, people
comfortable in their own skin are even more comfortable in their own clothes. They
stand for self worth, self love and respect. Their aim is for women to feel as good as they can in their clothes embracing their uniqueness along the way. The same pair of pants can look different on five different girls – we are living proof of that here at Joelle’s as so many of us love and wear them, despite our very different body shapes. What does everyone love about them so much? They are pull on – no stressing over the “top button challenge”. Just pull on the slimming pants and go – no worries about the button bulge and the dreaded muffin top!
If you do not own a pair of these pants you really need to try them on – you will
thank us! They are a personal favourite of Joelle’s – you will notice that she wears
them a lot! Ditto for Heidi! There are multiple colours and even more styles
available to choose from!
So why the names Tyler and Madison?
You will love these pants even more when we tell you!
Tyler and Madison are their rescue dogs that they took in 9 and 11 years ago.
While the ladies thought that they would have so much to teach these neglected
pups, it turns out that they were the ones that learned so much from them. These
dogs taught them invaluable lessons of true acceptance, love, and self worth.
As animal rights activists and true devotees of canine rescue missions,
I Tyler Madison is a proud supporter of the SPCA & ASPCA.