L'or de Seraphine

L'or de Seraphine founders

L’or de Seraphine is a truly artisanal home fragrance brand, crafting bouquets of scent with unique prints. L’or de Seraphine provides one-of-a-kind fragrances and vessels for people who find delight and respite through colour and scent to complement their own originality and to create their personal sanctuary.

As daughters of an interior designer, Dara and Laina grew up with colour and print as their first languages. As they began decorating their own homes, and creating sanctuaries that reflect their expressive taste, Dara and Laina noticed that in order to find the olfactory experience they were seeking, they had to settle for minimalist candles. When did the uniformity of minimalism usurp individuality? Instead of settling, they decided to indulge their individuality and L’or de Seraphine began.

These candles are poured into beautiful, unique vessels that can be used to hold your trinkets, makeup brushes, pens or even your cooking utensils once they have been burnt through!