Rebekah Price

Born in Los Angeles, Rebekah Price comes by her natural attraction to “red carpet glamour” honestly. Following studies at New York’s prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology, and internship with the renown Elie Tahari fashion house, she has emerged with a fashion philosophy that is beautifully her own.

“Feel beautiful anytime - from carpool to runway- and all the time - and never feel restricted by ‘time and place’.”

Inspired originally by a spectacular cache of antique Swarovski crystals, she was moved to create jewellery pieces that define the classic timelessness of dazzle, drama and glamour.

“A beautiful necklace is transformative; as I’m securing a clasp or slipping my earrings on, I start to feel different, a little more eager to be out there, more poised, pretty, and put together. There’s a glow that gets coaxed to the surface in everyone; it’s the reference of glittering jewels that brings it on.”

Rebekah’s personal glow and exquisite sense of style exudes from her everyday presence, wearing her own pieces with radiance and grace. Presently based in Toronto, she is happily raising her three wonderful children – while pursuing her passion to create.