We believe our responsibility is to our customers. We must do our best to ensure that their time at Joelle’s is a special experience. In meeting their needs, everything we do should be of the highest quality. Joelle’s is a boutique offering a unique experience at moderate prices. Our customer should leave us relaxed and happy with their experience in a hip, professional environment.

We are responsible to our employees, the people who work with us. We respect their dignity and recognize their merit. Everyone, while working together as a team, is considered an individual. Compensation will be fair. All employees should freely make suggestions, complaints and openly communicate. All who work at Joelle’s, in their words and actions, must be ethical, just and honest and must respect the customers and each other. We are responsible to our community. We are good citizens, supporting good charities and bearing our fair share of taxes. We should take an active, positive role in organizations working to better our downtown core.

Our final responsibility is to our owner, lenders and suppliers. Business should make a sound profit. Suppliers should be paid on time. When we operate according to the principals of our credo, the owner and lenders should receive a fair return.